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Hello and welcome to my homepage. I have many interests scattered throughout cyberspace. Sometimes it's hard for me to keep track. So, I decided to put everything here in one space. Feel free to browse through my interests. If there's something you're interested in knowing more about just shoot me a message. I'm always interested in meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Thanx for stopping by.

Rev. Swirl

Bermuda - Alpha

I just finished my first book, Bermuda: Alpha. Here's a synopsis:

As a child, David Sheffield had dreams. The nightmares were so horrible his parents sought out professional help. Later, as an adult, his dreams returned. When he tried to contact his old doctor, he learned that his psychologist had recently died in a plane crash in Bermuda. Not only that, several of the doctor's other former patients had also recently died or disappeared near Bermuda. As David and his friends continued their investigation, they came in contact with a secret society that not only held the answer to David's dreams... but the secrets of civilization for the past 10,000 years.


Gorilla Theory

So I've had this thought recently. I don't think humans are quite advanced as we are led to believe. After 3 millions years (or 6000 years of existence for our Creationist friends) we still haven't figured out a way to live without having to work some wage slave job we despise. And when you ask an elder about why this is so the response is generally "That's just the way it is. Accept it."

Now, let's look at gorillas. All gorillas do is lay around, eat, sleep, and fuck. They only real problem gorillas have is being poached... by US! So, if it weren't for humans gorillas would exist in an Eden like state. Plus, gorillas can learn sign language. I don't know one friggin' human who speaks gorilla. So, that being said, I think that gorillas may be far more advanced than humans. They seem to have it figured out to me.